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Workshop #8: 2025 and Beyond: Modeling the land sector’s role in achieving GHG mitigation and adaptation goals
September 25-28, 2016
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Workshop #8

The objective of the 8th Workshop of the Forestry and Agriculture GHG Modeling Forum is to foster dialogue on key agriculture, forestry, and land-use change issues that will dominate upcoming climate change and energy policy discussions, and showcase associated inventory and economic and biophysical modelling tools.

The 8th Workshop will be held September 25-28, 2016 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. See below for links to registration and detailed logistical information.

The Forum organizing committee is currently in the process of developing the agenda for this workshop, which will include discussion of the current state of North American climate policy and sessions covering a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Climate and Energy Policy Perspectives
  • Inventory methods
  • Land Use Projections
  • Evaluating Policy Development and Design
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Priorities for Future Model Development and Policy Analysis

Additional details on the agenda and participants will be posted on this website as they become available.

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